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Bordunbyggaren David Siljat

David Siljat

Instrument maker – Singer – Musician

Instrument maker

I build and repair nyckelharpas and other instruments upon request. To see photographs of instruments I make: Gallery
Do you want to learn more about: the instruments?


I sing/diddle songs and medieval ballads both on stage and for dancing. I’ll gladly play/sing at baptisms, weddings, funerals, partys etc. and hold workshops upon request. See: Contact

Photo: Per-Olof Österholm 2012

I play swedish folk music on historical and modern nyckelharpas and fiddle. For information about the different nyckelharpas I play and build, see: The instruments

Nyckelharpa cases

I sell soft nyckelharpa cases, produced in Sweden, that fit many different nyckelharpas.


Do you want to play nyckelharpa? I’ve been educated in nyckelharpa playing at Eric Sahlström Institutet and would like to pass along what I’ve learnt: Lessons

Rent a nyckelharpa

If you’re interested in learning to play the nyckelharpa – or if you’re uncertain if it’s the instrument for you – I’ve sometimes got instruments to rent.


My name is David Siljat and I build and repair nyckelharpas. I also play and sing swedish folk music on stage, for dancing or for teaching.

More about me

Contact me
Mobil: 076-1144371

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Alorpsgatan 3
583 92 Vikingstad

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